Undivided  RTBF Dossier.jpg

Concept & direction: Meytal Blanaru

Crreated & performed by: Thomas Coumans, Ido Batash, Folliot Scott, Meytal Blanaru

Live Music: Benjamin Sauzereau

Light Design: François Bodeux

Dramaturgy: Olivier Hespel

Costumes: Mat Voorter

Production & diffusion: AMA - Arts Management Agency

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about" - Rumi

© Michiel Devijver

UNDIVIDED explores the delicate theme of togetherness. What does it actually mean to be together? To be undivided? In an era when we all grow further apart, UNDIVIDED is born out of Meytal's deep wish to offer people a more intimate, unhindered meeting point. With the public sitting in a circle all around, the stage becomes a shared space where four dancers and one musician venture to explore the potentials of human connection.