Silvia Marson


"My first experience with FATHOM HIGH was really strong and it changed me deeply, in my way of dancing, in my every day life. I didn't know the Feldenkrais method before and I came to the class without any expectation. From the beginning I felt something powerful happening in me as a person. At the end of the day I was simply exhausted because my "system" had to deal with so many things:  old  habits, new experiences, a new way of learning. It was one of the strongest experience for my body, my brain and my soul. The curiosity about the method and the changes in me as a result of this work brought me to begin the professional training to become a Feldenkrais teacher. Now that I'm quite familiar with the method I often think about how great was Meytal’s way of teaching. I felt that she kept the pure "nature" of the Feldenkrais method and at the same time she combine it very well with her world of moving and dancing. I simply loved the moment of transition between the Feldenkrais and the experimentation with the improvisation and movement. I’ve learned to look into littles things, to see what happens, to experiment and to be constantly surprised. I've learned about a new way of learning. For the first time I felt that "I had the time" to explore for myself different ways of moving, dancing, organising without any judgement. I had the time to let myself be surprised by myself. I had the time and the place to be alone, to be with the group, I was constantly "fed" with her advises and propositions. Meytal’s smart, deep and creative way of teaching is always inspiring me."



Dagmar Dachauer


“FATHOM HIGH has been and keeps being enormously helpful, not only in the course of my recovery from a severe back injury. At the same time as it has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect (for instance pain release and a quick integration into movement patterns that were less efficient before), it also opened up a very inspiring approach to the creative use of my body and creativity in general. I keep following the classes and workshops, because I feel that it is very beneficial - no matter my condition, be it physical exhaustion, injury or eagerness and excitement. And because I don’t cease to find exciting challenges within and through the practice on so many levels.”


Delphine Martens


"FATHOM HIGH has been a very important discovery in my career. As intense connections are created within my body (my muscles and my neurons are tucked into a deep and constructive activity...!) But also between different facets of my life (as an artist and as a teacher). Above all, to work with Meytal is a great moment of pleasure: we reconnect, explore, savor, we rebuild. The bodies re-articulate and grow. The possibilities of our bodies expand in respect of our being and our singular constitution... And then, of course, it is thrilling to discover her choreographic universe which she shares generously."



Gabriela Ceceña


“I had the chance to meet Meytal in 2013. It was immediately clear to me that Meytal had developed a very interesting, specific, deep and unique way to approach movement. Never before have i felt so aware, sensitive and curious about my body. The structure of her classes focuses on finding your own way and discovering new impulses. She brings a safe space to deeply investigate and question your body. She’s not just an amazing dancer, she’s an incredible teacher.”


Aline Combe


“My encounter with FATHOM HIGH has been liberating: I discovered there is a path where my only duty was to keep being curious about my own body and its functioning. I didn’t have to make it enter into a shape, I just had to observe and play with it. The work that Meytal Blanaru is proposing made me understand how this “Feldenkrais-perspective” can nourish my dance endlessly. Many times I’ve been able to dance without telling my body what to do, but instead to have my mind and my body researching and playing together.”


Amélie D'amuri


"What a joy to have taken a FATHOM HIGH workshop! It was a very enriching experience of discovery !! Afterwards I felt something strange , as if suddenly I had grown 20cm taller and I saw everything from higher.. It was rather special. I hope to be able to repeat this experience! "


Lena Bagutti


"FATHOM HIGH has been very inspiring for me and took an important part in my dance approach and development. By breaking habitual paths of movement, this work opened up for me more possibilities and helped me in facing technique issues in a more serene and conscious way. It has been a significant tool for my personal understanding of my moving body and consequently allows me more independence and focus in my work. I think this method can be useful not only for dancers who want to find more ease and richness in their dance, but also to whoever is interested in widening the understanding of their own body. "


Alice Van Der Vielen


"Each time I work with Meytal my world changes a little. Her classes taught me it is possible to really involve not only my whole body but my whole being in movement. According to me, this work asks the mind to enter a very challenging, unusual and fragile kind of consciousness: at the same time being concentrated and present here and now, spreading the attention widely and equally through the whole body, and being open/curious. Movement in this state can become particularly rich and interesting, even if it needs mostly more time and doesn't get easily as physical and impressive as we are used to. Freed of imposed patterns and expectations and faithful to the body's own alignment and articulations, I would call this movement simply smart. I have the feeling that when we manage to really involve the whole body, we also involve everything that is inside it: tangible things like organs, but also non tangible things like emotions and memories. And this is for sure only one of the many ways to approach this work..." 


Zoé Coudougnan


"FATHOM HIGH has been a really deep and moving experience for me. Through this work i could discover and become aware of feelings and parts of myself that we usually don't pay attention to in our daily life. FATHOM HIGH is helpful to me because it gives more importance to the pathway - the inner journey the body and mind are going through, than the final goal. To me, Meytal's work is like asking questions without necessarily finding answers. At least: be aware and conscious. I think it taught me (and is still teaching me!) a lot about life: to accept how you are in the present, your mood(s), to let emotions and sensations go through you without fighting them... Or if you can't help it, well, do what you can in the moment but don't be too hard with yourself! (and be conscious!) All this reminds me the words of the sculpture Jean Tinguely: "The unique stable thing is Movement. Everywhere and always."