FATHOM HIGH is a dance technique that​ use​s ​the Feldenkrais method as a departure point, an inspiration and an approach to the action of learning. Feldenkrais is a system of neuro-motor training and reconditioning​ that transforms people's lives, helping them gain new skills and move beyond pain and limitation. ​Meytal Blanaru's deep curiosity towards a possible fusion between Feldenkrais and dance led her to develop FATHOM HIGH.​ This work has deeply altered the way​ she​ moved and perceived the body. After witnessing her personal transformation,​ she ​felt a strong urge to share ​this​ practice with as many​ people as possible.


FATHOM HIGH's​ main goal is to 'unlock' movement patterns by delicately destabilizing them, so that new possibilities become accessible. By ​using our ​inherent ​neuroplastic ability to rewire and change our habits from the core​, we can 'tap' into a deeper, more primal understanding of our body and it's mechanics.​ Through this process, new movement pathways open, unveiling an ocean of possibilities. ​The richness within the movement grows and it's quality deepens.​


FATHOM HIGH brought me closer to my body, and reconnected me to the basic joy of dancing. This is my personal motivation for teaching - To enable and support others through a similar process. - Meytal.