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​Meytal uses the Feldenkrais method as a departure point & inspiration. Her experience with Feldenkrais had deeply altered the way she moved and perceived the body. After witnessing her own personal transformation through this method, she felt a strong urge to understand this process better, and later on - to share it with as many dancers as possible. Since 2008 she has been diving into this work, building slowly a very specific body practice. 


Meytal teaches regularly in ‘La Raffinerie’/Charleroi Danses and ‘DanscentrumJette’ in Brussels. As a guest teacher she has taught at the Royal Academy of Antwerp (Belgium), The Scottish Dance Theatre Company (Scotland), Stavanger Dance Academy (Norway), Roehampton University dance department (London), Random Collision studio (Groningen), DAN.CE.E Studio (Athens), Vertigo Dance Ensemble (Israel).


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Through the Feldenkrais Prism



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