Dance, Pregnancy & Birth - The Cesarean that never happened

Dancing at 9 months pregnant and the C-section that never happened:

At 41 weeks pregnant (8 days after our due date) I was still very much pregnant. Yet, I didn't feel physically limited and was dancing just as I have before pregnancy. Using the Feldenkrais method and my own dance practice "Fathom High" - it was a cool challenge to maintain freedom within a body structure that changed on a daily basis.

On the big day (well, days.... as it took 40 hours..) Our son, Yuval was born. On September 25th, after 38 hours spent at home fighting for the natural birth we hoped for, we ended up at the hospital for the last 2 hours. Although I spent many hours fully dilated (that's when things got a bit complicated..) I was fully mobile and could move around and literally climb onto the dining room table for my midwife to do some "Spinning Babies" tricks on me ;-)

Nature dealt us a complicated hand in this birth, and I'm quite convinced that without Feldenkrais, without moving around as I did throughout these months, our birth would have unfolded very differently.

A few weeks later my midwife told us that the fact that we were able to give birth vaginally and with minimal intervention was "a little miracle", sharing that the hospital's staff was sure I'd need a C-section. We finally managed to get the little guy down the birth canal to be extracted with vacuum. The doctors told me that my pelvis has an unusual shape that didn't allow him to come out and he just kept bumping his little head against the door... :)

Well, it was all worth it. Check out this little munchkin!

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