SAND is Meytal Blanaru's debut group piece. It deals with the constant construction and deconstruction of our memories. Memories are an act of creation, scientists discovered that we constantly modify the details of a memory as we replay it in our minds. As we remember it, we relive it, re-building that memory a new, drawing further away from its original version. The images and landscapes of our memory grow and change with us to fit our current perception of self.

Time carries a paradox - the past reminds us who we are today,

                                              we carry it with us into the present, towards a future. 


Commissioned by the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, with the 3rd year students.

Concept & Creation: Meytal Blanaru. Created & performed by: Angel Duran, Marta Oliveira Viana, Maria Casares Gonzalez, Laura Faarinen, Nathalie Baert, Junior Yussuf, Alba De Miguel Fuertes, Laureline Mejean, Ector Palacios, Myunghee Cho. Rehearsal Assistant: Elton Peri

But our past is not as solid as we might perceive it, it is constantly reshaped by our present and future perception. 
 My creative work often spirals around a specific moment                in time, as I try to reconnect to that memory, to touch                 and grasp it. That inner drive is the motor to this                 creation: Opening from my personal memory to the                       process itself of remembrance, each performer

     deals with this theme in their own way, bringing

       their memories and

         perspectives to the process.