In 2012 Meytal joined GROUPE ENTORSE for the creation of [àut]​, a collaboration with the choreographer Samuel Lefeuvre, the musician Raphaelle Latini and the light designer Nicolas Olivier. 

"How do we perceive the world surrounding us ?
When does the alteration of reality transforms a person in an Other, at the borders of a shared world ?

Dealing with visions, and different conceptions of a constantly mutating environment, the performers try to connect to each other, influencing the other by distorting his perception of time, sound and space.

How to build a common world when materials are lacking, the interfaces are different, when the divergence of perceptions of reality comes to undo that reality?"

Choreography and performance: Samuel Lefeuvre , Meytal Blanaru

Music creation,working the turntables and sensors: Raphaëlle Latini
Light: Nicolas Olivier

Sound: Vanessa Short

Phtography: virgine Meigné

© Virginie Meigne